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With the secret out about Charleston being an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family, there are unprecedented strains on our city’s leadership, infrastructure, and quality of life.  Charleston is at a crossroads: do we keep doing the same things the same way and expecting a different result or do we forge a new path?

The same way will not solve overdevelopment.  The same way will not solve flooding or traffic.  The same way will not fully staff our police and fire departments. It is time for a new way.  It is time for our city to forge a new path with a real vision for what we want our city to be.  


That is why I am running for the District 5 seat to represent Outer West Ashley and Johns Island on the Charleston City Council.  


I am running on three basic campaign promises to YOU:  

  • Better Leadership – YOU deserve to know what is going on in District 5.  I promise that I will work diligently to keep you informed of what is going on at City Hall and bring your concerns before council.

  • Better Infrastructure – YOU deserve to know where your tax dollars are going and how those tax dollars are being spent to make improvements to our area.  Outer West Ashley and Johns Island are two of the fastest growing areas in the city, and we need a forward-thinking infrastructure plan that is proactive and not reactive to handle issues like flooding and traffic.

  • Better Quality of Life for All – YOU deserve to live and raise your family in a safe city.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that our city invests in giving our Police and Fire Departments the resources they need to keep you and your loved ones safe.


As an Eagle Scout, I was instilled with a sense of service to leave things better than I found them.  I have taught second grade in a high poverty school and worked to bring out the promise in young children, regardless of their circumstances.  I have worked for human services nonprofits to help people get a hand up and not a hand out. I have served in my church’s leadership to develop a strategic plan to grow the church responsibly for the next ten years.  It is this tireless devotion for making things better that I will bring as your next Charleston City Council member.    


I hope that you will choose to invest in our vision of better leadership, better infrastructure, and better quality of life for all.  Your donation will help us share our vision with our neighbors before the November 5 election. With your support, we can truly be Better. Together.




Karl L. Brady, Jr.

Candidate for Charleston City Council – District 5

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Karl Brady, an Eagle Scout and one of Charleston’s Forty Under 40, is running for the District 5 seat on the Charleston, SC City Council.  Karl wants to see better leadership offered by the City Council in proactively and transparently addressing the major challenges that are facing the fast growing City of Charleston, better infrastructure to address flooding and traffic congestion, and better quality of life for all by ensuring that the public services provided to the citizens of Charleston are fully funded and meet the needs of the community.


Currently, Karl serves on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission of the City of Charleston, where he works to ensure that that the city incorporates multi-modal mobility into its transportation priorities and serves as the Education Chair on the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston Board of Directors.  He began his career teaching 2nd grade in a high poverty school and has worked for almost a decade in human services nonprofits.  Karl lives in West Ashley with his wife Kate and rescue dog, Winston.

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